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Hillary Wins 7 on Super Tuesday, Is Bernie's Window Closing?

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 2/03/2016 David Pakman

Hillary Clinton won 7 of 11 contests in yesterday's Super Tuesday Democratic primaries, while Bernie Sanders secured wins in 4 states, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and his home state of Vermont.
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I interviewed many voters yesterday at Boston, Massachusetts area polling places, and at Senator Sanders' official Boston election results watch party, where the mood was cautiously optimistic and simultaneously disappointed. Looking at the delegate math as of today, including Hillary Clinton's presumed superdelegate support, she's 44% of the way to the nomination, while Bernie Sanders' 318 delegates have him 18% of the way to the needed 2300+ total delegates.
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As the campaign shifts from proportional allocation primaries to winner-take-all, the next two weeks of primaries are of crucial importance if Senator Sanders is to continue beyond March 15th with anything resembling a realistic path to the Democratic nomination.
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Former Secretary of Labor and current Bernie Sanders supporter Robert Reich posted to his Facebook page earlier today that the path forward for Bernie is better than corporate media will admit because upcoming states favor Sanders:
"1. In the next few months the primary map starts tilting in Bernie's favor: In later March: Maine, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Washington state, and Hawaii. In April: Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. In May: Indiana and Oregon. In June, California, New Jersey, and New Mexico." Source:
Unfortunately for Sanders supporters, the polling in most of those states is not favorable to Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is up 20 in Michigan, up nearly 30 in Florida, up significantly in Ohio and Illinois, and the list goes on. The possible saving grace for Senator sanders is that many of those polls are outdated, and if his support in those states has increased in parallel with his support nationally, he may stand a chance.
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