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Home detention for naked Instagram photo

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 14/09/2016 Cleo Mary Fraser

A Canterbury man who humiliated a woman by posting a naked photo of her online after she refused his advances has been sentenced to home detention.

Thomas James Burborough appeared in Christchurch District Court on Wednesday charged with causing harm by posting digital communications, and also a charge of possession of cannabis for supply.

He was sentenced to eight months home detention on both charges.

In June, the 28-year-old threatened to post naked photos of the woman online if she didn't meet up with him.

Intimate photos had earlier been exchanged between Burborough and the woman with consent.

Burborough then posted a photo to Instagram after the woman complained to police, although it wasn't revealed if he knew she had gone to authorities.

The picture was taken down within half an hour.

When officers later searched his home they found 400 grams of cannabis as well as bags and scales.

Judge Tony Couch said during sentencing on Wednesday the Burborough's actions caused the woman a high degree of distress which was aggravated by a caption attached to the photo.

"You told her it was online for the expressed interest of humiliating her and causing her distress," he told the court.

With regard to the drugs charge, Judge Couch said the man was clearly involved in dealing, describing it as "significant but not large".

The fact Burborough had no criminal history, that he appeared to be of otherwise good character and the fact he had pleaded guilty were all taken into account during sentencing.

Judge Couch noted Burborough had shown remorse, however, he added: "you're just as much sorry for yourself as you are for the harm you have done to your victim".

He will serve out his home detention at address in Rangiora.

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