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Homeless hero who risked life to help Manchester Arena terror attack victims finally has roof over head

Mirror logo Mirror 9/06/2017 Todd Fitzgerald
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The homeless man branded a hero after rushing to help victims during the Manchester Arena terror attack finally has a roof over his head.

Rumours about Chris Parker have been rife on Facebook after more than £50,000 was raised to help him turn his life around following his brave actions in the wake of the atrocity.

Scores of people have questioned why he is still seen on the streets considering the amount of cash raised to help him - and tons of offers to put him up.

But now our sister paper Manchester Evening News has revealed Chris has found a home after meeting with council officers.

Speaking to his mum Jessica, they revealed that he wanted to 'put the rumours to bed'.

She Chris has been spotted on the streets because ‘that’s where his friends are’.

Jessica told the M.E.N: “Chris is totally overwhelmed by everything.

“He has got a house, he has signed for and he is staying there.

“He is still hanging around on the streets because that’s where his friends are - that’s his community.

“There are a lot of untrue things being said on Facebook, this needs to be put to bed.

“He does have accommodation - and it is his choice to hang around on the streets. Chris is going to keep his head down for a while now.”

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Chris’ selfless actions in the aftermath of the Arena attack made headlines across the world.

He was reunited with mother Jessica, who had no idea he was sleeping rough until she saw him on TV, after five years.

Seconds after the explosion, Chris ran into the Arena help injured children and cradled a dying woman in his arms. He has played down his heroics, insisting he ‘did what anyone would do’.

A JustGiving campaign saw more than £50,000 raised to help him start a new life.

Michael Johns, who set up the page, said he has had problems getting the money released.

He said: “It has gone from being a fairly straightforward case of just handing over a relatively small amount to having an amount that is potentially life-changing. The process will be slow and there are likely to be other Facebook posts that do not grasp the complexities of the situation.

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“I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I’m trying my hardest to plough on with this in the correct direction.”

Jessica said: “Michael doesn’t deserve any of this. He’s done nothing wrong, all he’s trying to do is help Chris.

“The rumours need to stop, Michael is being bombarded.

“No-one has done anything wrong, no-one is trying to steal the money, everyone is trying to help Chris.

“Chris is meeting managers at The Booth Centre, the homeless charity in the city centre, next week to sort a plan.”

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