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Housing conference idea dismissed

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 24/05/2016

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed the need for a national housing conference.

United Future leader Peter Dunne has mooted the idea, saying there's too much sniping between National and Labour, and too few solutions are being proposed to deal with the housing shortage.

But Mr Key doesn't think another "group think" will really address the issue.

"Probably the best thing that Peter Dunne could do for us, if he really wanted to, is support us on the Resource Management Act reforms, that's probably the fastest way of us addressing those issues in Auckland," he told reporters.

Even Labour leader Andrew Little seemed lukewarm on the idea.

"I think we all understand the problem, perhaps if we need clarification about the magnitude of it, that might be helpful, if there are more creative ideas, that might be helpful too," he said.

"But let's not spend too much more time talking about a problem we know is there and the solutions that we know exist."

Mr Dunne on Monday said the conference would consider ways to increase the supply of residential land, what the capacity of the building industry is, how that capacity can best be utilised, how the banks can develop viable financing packages and the roles of central and local government.

"It's only through having a broad-based discussion with these key groups that we can meaningfully develop consensus solutions for our people," Mr Dunne said.

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