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How 'Mr Big' helped convict a murderer

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 22/06/2016


* A female undercover officer poses as a market surveyor and gets double murder suspect Kamal Reddy to complete a survey. She then offers him prizes, an off-road experience or fishing charter trip, which he turns down

* The officer then asks Reddy to help fix a car, then to value a car being taken as security against a loan

* Reddy is introduced to a male undercover officer posing as a gang member, who asks him to do odd jobs like car valuations for cash

* Reddy becomes gradually involved in fake criminal jobs, such as buying and moving "stolen" women's wallets

* When Reddy takes a trip to Fiji, the undercover officer asks him to check out resorts for his wealthy "gang" boss to buy

* The gang asks Reddy to look after a fake prostitute in a bar, on behalf of a client who wants sex in exchange for stolen goods

* Reddy is put on a trial gang membership, then taken to the Bay of Plenty to sell pseudoephedrine for several days

* In Rotorua, Reddy and the undercover cop are pulled over by police but let go after the undercover cop makes a call to his supposed gang associate

* Reddy helps destroy clothing and evidence handed to the gang by a supposedly crooked police officer in a set-up sexual assault case

* On a trip to Wellington, a uniformed officer confronts Reddy about the murder case, and his new undercover friend pressures Reddy to confess to him

* After much pressure to be honest with the gang, Reddy confesses and takes the undercover officer to where the bodies are buried

* The officer sends him to Napier on a fake errand, while police dig up the bodies

* On Reddy's return he is arrested and charged with murder.

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