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How the Kim Dotcom saga has unfolded

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 20/02/2017

The High Court has upheld a ruling that Kim Dotcom and his co-accused can be extradited to the US to face criminal charges. Here's how it got to here:


* March: FBI begins its investigation into Megaupload.

* November: Dotcom granted New Zealand residency.


* August: New Zealand becomes involved in FBI investigation into Megaupload.

* December: GCSB starts spying on Dotcom.


* January: Dotcom and three co-accused arrested in early morning raids on a number of properties in Coatesville, north of Auckland. All four appear in court and are denied bail.

* February: After several attempts, Dotcom finally granted bail.

* March: US authorities lodge extradition request.

* May: District Court judge rules the US must hand over all the evidence it's got against Dotcom.

* June: High Court judge rules police botched the search warrants used to raid Dotcom's mansion.

* August: At a hearing in the High Court, details about the raid are revealed. Dotcom is called to give evidence.

* September: Revealed that the GCSB spied on Dotcom when it shouldn't have. Prompts review of spy agencies.


* January: On the first anniversary of the raid, Dotcom launches his new site, Mega.

* July: Dotcom appears before parliament's security and intelligence committee. He and Prime Minister John Key exchange taunts.


* March: Supreme Court rules against Dotcom and says the US doesn't have to disclose all the evidence it has against him.

* September: After launching the Internet Party and joining forces with Mana, Dotcom's political punt ends in failure, with Internet Mana winning no seats in parliament and just 1.4 per cent of the vote. His much-hyped "moment of truth" announcement, a few days out from the election, was also a flop.

* November: Dotcom's long-standing lawyer Paul Davison QC steps down from the case.

* December: US bid to get Dotcom back into custody fails after an apparent bail breach. Supreme Court rules against Dotcom again, saying the search warrants used for the raid are valid.


* September: Dotcom makes last minute bid to Court of Appeal to have extradition hearing delayed again. Fails.

* September: Ten-week extradition hearing begins.

* December: Judge Nevin Dawson green-lights the extradition - the decision is immediately appealed by lawyers for the men.


* August: High Court at Auckland hears an appeal by Dotcom and his co-accused's lawyers - they win a bid to live-stream the entire hearing, a New Zealand first.


* February: Appeal bid fails, Justice Murray Gilbert upholds Judge Dawson's decision. Dotcom's lawyers immediately say they will go to Court of Appeal.

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