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How to Be Great at Media for Your Business by Being Donald Trump!

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 2/11/2015 Ebong Eka
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So far Donald Trump has spent approximately $2 million on his presidential campaign while his competitors have spent as much as 10x that amount. Some competitors, like former Governor Jeb Bush, had to cut some of his campaign staff.
If you think The Donald is only famous because of NBC's hit The Apprentice, you're mistaken. Trump has been a pop culture fixture for over three decades. Whether it's as the owner of the defunct NY USFL football team, the best selling author of real estate books or being the owner of the Miss USA and Miss America pageants, Trump has managed to remain highly relevant throughout the years.
He continues to be interviewed on cable and network shows and he'll also be a host for the award winning NBC show, Saturday Night Live in November 2015.
That level of publicity is priceless... seriously... You can't buy that type of publicity. Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, the smart people are paying attention to the public relations, branding and media mastery that Trump is showing.
Why is Trump "The Real Estate & branding guy"?
My theory is Trump represents something akin to the Dunbar Number. The belief is the brain can handle and know intimate details of approximately (on average) 150 people. After that amount, the brain takes short cuts...using a word, a phrase or some other descriptor so time and mental effort is spared.
Trump has managed to stay relevant in the minds of many -- hate him or love him... you remember him!
That matters in doing business, finding a service provider, buying a product or even voting!
How many of you have experienced situations where a friend wanted to sell their house but forgot you were a realtor -- and would have GLADLY given you the listing?
It happens too often... branding and marketing is something i have been experimenting with for years... and it's a science that has been lucrative for me.
If you're a business, brand or's imperative you get your audience to pay know you, and give you a descriptor that makes it easy for them to remember you.
I've learned a lot from Trump...about marketing..not necessarily politics but then again - some would argue that marketing IS politics!
Check out for a 1-page blueprint I use to stay relevant in the eyes of my audience!
Leave a comment below and let me know a time when a friend or client told you "I wish I had known you did that - I would have given the work to you!"
What did you do about it?
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Check out for a 1-page blueprint I use to stay relevant in the eyes of my audience!

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