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'How To Get Away With Murder' Creeps Closer To The Wes Secret

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 6/11/2015 Lauren Weber
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Spoilers obviously abound below for Season 2, Episode 7 of "How to Get Away with Murder," "I Want You To Die."

All along, it's been incredibly confusing to see Annalise Keating interact with Wes. She veers between a Mrs. Robinson vibe to a motherly one, and has framed her lover in order to save this random student from murder charges after he killed her husband. Thursday night, we learned what we've suspected all along: there's something more between the two of them.

Theories that Wes is Annalise's son have floated, and openly been mocked on the show, as early as the second episode when Asher theorized Wes was her "secret baby [who she] gave up for adoption." But in a discussion with her ex-lover Eve, Annalise says of Wes: "He's not just some student. It's him."

 Could he be her son, possibly from her uncle's molestation? Or a nephew? Who else could Wes be to be "him"? It truly would explain everything -- why else would Annalise put so much on the line for a student who seems to be so very lost and confused and out to thwart her at every turn. It would also explain how Wes is able to keep up with Annalise's brilliance, if he, in fact, biologically inherited some of it. 

As for the drama of the week, not that you'd think it matters in comparison with this potential bombshell, the crew is juggling three cases -- Nate being charged for killing his wife, the long-lost Hapstall murder suspect, and a standard stalking suicide case. 

But the best interaction involved our obvious favorite, Laurel. Laurel is always the one to save the day, with the smart insight or measured look at things. But when Annalise finds her getting hot and heavy with Frank, she proceeds to harass her for getting distracted. 

Laurel proves her wrong by discovering the affair the prosecutor is having with his client -- proving what Annalise eventually admits: that Laurel is the one she doesn't need to worry about. Then she continues to be the biggest badass on the show.

Back with the rest of the drama, Oliver has gotten further sucked into the horrific day-to-day that is the Keating law offices. Connor is horrified that he has involved his partner in something so dangerous, and rightfully so. But Oliver appears gung-ho to get some glory after doing all the work behind the scenes.

As for the Nate case, DA Sinclair is badgering Nate to get to Annalise by proving he killed his wife. Which is awkward for Annalise and Nate, since he did. Of course, this means we need to bring in Eve, the ex-lover to further this love triangle into a love quadrangle with Nate's dead wife. It's looking dicey for the guy, but with some illegal tampering by Eve and him, all is well that ends well. Until it doesn't -- some of these threads have to fall apart at some point.

And as for the most depressing storyline of the episode, the aftermath of Asher's bystander status in his gang-rape cover-up is heartbreaking. We're with Bonnie -- we can't look at him the same way again. Bonnie's speech on how that girl can never forget it, while Asher gets to live his life, was on point. "She went to a party, and her life changed forever." The horror is real, and it happens all too often.

Shondaland is at it again -- addressing incredibly important issues like speaking up when you sense something is wrong (except, really, for the rest of the show, when no one turns in people for committing murder).

Back to the adults, the resulting Eve, Annalise back-and-forth is just confusing at this point. We get that they're conflicted exes with a lot of history, but what is really going on? Although after they hook up, that's the happiest we've seen Annalise look all season.

But of course, that beautiful smile had to be destroyed. One of the culprits was the knowledge that Connor is in danger by setting up the horrible meet-and-greet with the potential killer who, oh wait, has been tracking their movements on Oliver's computer. While Connor, Laurel, Michaela and Frank go to try and catch him, the guy goes to lay in wait for Oliver. Things are not looking good for the nicest person on the show -- no one wants to be stalked to their home by a potential serial killer. Could Oliver's impending death be a motivation for Connor to kill Annalise?

Meanwhile, Bonnie figures out that Annalise told Asher about her background, and it breaks her. She literally tells Annalise, "You don't know how to love anyone ... I want you to die." Liza Weil acts the hell out of this scene, and Bonnie's collapse is complete.

And yet, when Annalise replies with, "And you're not hanging from a bed sheet behind some metal bars, then you tell me that I don't love you," you remember why you watch this show and just how lucky we are that Viola Davis graces our TV screens each week. This woman is a national treasure, and her absolute devastation from such joy cannot be a more perfect snapshot of her brilliance on this show.

But because there wasn't enough drama in this episode, the flashforward let us know that the gang of four has truly divided into pairs -- Connor and Michaela vs. Wes and Laurel. Before Wes and Laurel can stop Connor and Michaela from leaving the scene after doing who knows what, DA Sinclair drops out of the sky, and it sure looks like Bonnie pushed her. We miss the days of Paris Geller.

So, we only have one more episode before we find out who shot Annalise in the midseason finale. Our money's on Wes, because how Greek would this tragedy be if he tries to kill his mother without knowing she's his mom? And because, let's be real, Annalise isn't dying. So whoever tries to kill her is either going to have to die or go to jail -- or she'll cover for them. And as we might already know, she's most likely to cover for her offspring.

Odds and Ends

  • Oh yeah, we almost forgot -- Wes has a gun from Levi this whole time. And let's all remember Annalise looks like she was shot in the flashforward.
  • Wes' fingerprints are now all over that potential murder weapon.
  • Not a good idea to tell a lackey to kill a DA. Just not with this crew.
  • We thought Bonnie figured out what Asher knew last week, but apparently not.
  • These bold jewel colors look fantastic on Viola Davis.
  • Annalise missed way too many calls this episode.
  • Can we move to Paris? It sounds pretty great.
  • Never letting the door close behind us again when we're holding groceries after seeing the potential killer get in that way.
  • Where are Asher and Frank in the final glimpses of the flashforward? 
  • We should have seen this Bonnie breakdown coming a mile away -- her wannabe lover Sam was murdered and she killed Rebecca. 
  • At the end of the day, as twisted as Annalise is, she's the only one that hasn't really killed someone besides Asher. And she's the one that might die.

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