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If Flight Attendants Were Brutally Honest, This Is What They'd Say

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 6/11/2015 Suzy Strutner
D © YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo D

Flight attendants keep all kinds of secrets, but what if they were honest to your face?

This perfectly on-point Buzzfeed video imagines a not-so-improbable future in which flight attendants speak what's really on their minds, regarding everything from our carry-on choices ...


... to our roaming about the cabin.

The video also reveals jargon from flight attendants' secret code, like "crew juice" (the mixed-drink mashup made from leftover beverage cart items) and "crop dusting" (when a flight attendant walks down the airplane aisle to pass some gas -- which, OK, isn't exclusively to just flight attendants). 

Maybe we didn't need to know that last secret. Happy travels!

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