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In Which I Defend the Kardashians.

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 9/03/2016 Carolyn Dickson

Yeah, I'm going there.
So, Kim Kardashian just posted a photo of herself (SHOCKING) on The Instagram and everyone lost their fucking minds over it. Even I was kind of like "damn son" but then I moved on with my life unlike the 139,000 people who felt it necessary to leave a comment.
Here's the picture:
2016-03-07-1457375955-1187140-Capture.JPG © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-07-1457375955-1187140-Capture.JPG Instagram
Naturally, the caption is "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL". The only thing that bothers me about this photo is the lack of punctuation. I mean, I can't really talk as my grammar skills are void of fleek, but come on Kim.
Here's the thing. You know what I find MORE annoying than the actual Kardashian/Jenner clan? The people who HATE the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I don't know if you haters realize this, but you are doing nothing to stop the Kardenners from existing in the spotlight. Kim has 62.5 million followers on Instagram and 41.3 million followers on Twitter. And I'd put $100 down that a LOT of those followers are people who hate her. People who want to just put her on blast for all the dumb shit/provocative photos she posts. If you just look at the comments section on any of her photos on Instagram, it's mostly people ripping her a new one.
She, and the rest of the crew, feed off this shit. You know what would actually drive the Kardenners fucking nuts? NOT. RESPONDING.
I realize that hating the Kardenners and everything they stand for is of the norm, but the haters are louder than the people who actually do like them. If everyone just shut the fuck up about them, they might go away. (Seems unlikely, but you never know.)
You know who I don't follow on social media? PEOPLE I DON'T LIKE.
What's the point? Why infuriate myself with daily posts on celebrities I don't care for and have them all up on my newsfeed? Are people just so full of rage that they need to find famous people to deflect their anger onto? WHY?
Don't like the show?
Don't watch it.
Don't like the Kardenners' constant selfies/boob shots/lack of clothing photos?
Stop following them.
Don't like seeing them in the magazines?
Don't buy it or WILD SUGGESTION HERE: Don't read the page they're on.
Hate when Buzzfeed features an article on them?
Don't fucking click the goddamn article. RISE ABOVE AND SCROLL PAST IT.
Like, you guys. It's not that hard to avoid the Kardenners. If you really REALLY get that worked up over just seeing them on the cover of a magazine or on Yahoo! News, you have issues, sweetheart. As much as I can't fucking stand Donald Trump, I'm not going to melt into a tiny ball of intense anger every single time I see a picture of him with one of his insane quotes. Because I just don't care that much. My life does not revolve around The Ridiculous Obsession With Celebrities and thank Christ for that.
Besides, there are MANY other issues that people should be screaming about than Kim Kardashian showing off her naked ass body.
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