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Is this most racist advert ever? Firm 'cleans' black man and makes him look Chinese in shocking commercial

Mirror logo Mirror 27/05/2016 Sophie Evans

*Skip to 2.50 on the video to watch the 'racist advert' segment 

With its jaw-dropping narrative, it is perhaps unsurprising that this Chinese advert has been dubbed the 'most racist' commercial ever.

The ad, released by a laundry detergent brand, shows a black actor being cleaned and transformed into a Chinese man in shocking scenes.

Footage shows the actor emerging from a room, with paint splodges on his face, before wolf-whistling at a young Chinese woman.

He then strides over to the woman, who is stood beside a washing machine, as she smiles and encourages him to move closer to her.

Next, the man places his hands on her waist and tries to kiss her. But as he does so, the woman shoves a detergent tablet into his mouth, before forcing him head-first into the machine.

She then slams the lid and sits on top of it - while the man screams inside the spinning device.

<p>The actor places his hands on the woman's waist and tries to kiss her.</p>

The actor places his hands on the woman's waist and tries to kiss her.

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When the washing cycle eventually ends, a Chinese man emerges, dressed in a white t-shirt and with no signs of paint on his face.

The woman, who is dressed in a green vest top and denim shorts, clearly reacts with joy.

Finally, the man holds up the detergent tablet to the camera and winks.

The advert, which has gone viral on Chinese messaging service WeChat, was created to promote Qiaobi laundry detergent.

It has also appeared on TV and in cinemas, according to Shanghaiist .

In China, pale skin has long been considered beautiful. Cosmetic aisles in shops are packed with skin-whitening creams, while many models are young with pale skin.

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