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It's Not America That's Not Great Mr. Trump, It's You.

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 18/03/2016 Susan Berger
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The day after Super Tuesday 2 I find myself reflecting on the sad political climate we find ourselves in. In my 60-plus years, I have never doubted that America is great. The only person I have heard claim "We need to make America great again" is Donald Trump.
And as I grew up, I saw the civil rights movement and the impact it has had on our country. As a little girl, our housekeeper would tell stories of not being able to go to the same bathroom as white people when she was in the south. She was like part of the family and the stories she told were horrifying. As was the spraying of water hoses on the people protesting and the police commissioner Bull Connor sending attack dogs after peaceful protesters.
But it was America, in all its greatness that allowed Martin Luther King and others to protest. To change the way our country operated. First in small steps. The Civil Rights Act in 1963, prohibiting segregation and discrimination in employment and education. The Voting Rights Act in 1965 which would no longer disqualify blacks. Most recently with the election of the first black President, Barack Obama. I call that greatness.
And I witnessed the country's frustration with Vietnam. The protests. The shooting at Kent State. Our freedom that during that time allowed me to not stand in protest for the national anthem at Wrigley Field. My dad's recognition of that right to protest, to sit-ins, marches, protests and rallies. Even he, who bravely fought for this country flying bombing missions in WWII understood the protests of that war.
In 1968 I worked for George McGovern. I saw what happened at Grant Park in Chicago. I heard Mayor Daley give an order to the police to "shoot to kill." We survived that too.
As a news junkie I learned early on of the power of the press. The Watergate investigation, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers brought to light incredible injustices by those in power. The Washington Post exposed it. We all survived and learned from it. I call that greatness.
At college at the University of Denver I volunteered at The Open Clinic, where we did drug and birth control counseling. I was there when Roe vs. Wade passed in 1973. Abortion counseling was added. And we applauded this step forward for women.
It was the era of Archie Bunker. When racial prejudice could be in the forefront with humor, not name- calling. We learned from Archie. I call that greatness.
We witnessed numerous Middle East Conflicts, economic crises and of course the horrors of September 11, Paris and other terrorist attacks.
But in my lifetime, in spite of all the challenges I never remember a political candidate other than George Wallace whose platform proudly embraces lies, favors torture, recites non facts as facts and advocates banning those of a certain religion from entering our country. But George Wallace didn't get as far as Donald Trump.
To Mr. Trump. You are not deserving of the office of president. You bank balance does not replace ethics, morality, integrity or civility. You have tapped into the anger of some people who don't have the time, energy or ability to really understand how dangerous you are.
Your bank balance does not, for lack of a better word, trump a basic understanding of freedom of the press. Your threats to sue those who report anything you don't like run contrary to what this county was based on.
The founding fathers said that a free press is essential to our democracy. And as Philip Graham once said "News is the first rough draft of history."
I trust news - I mean history- will show you to be the most flawed candidate to ever run for president. And I trust voters will not in the end support a man who has no policy details. Just saying - "make American great again" means nothing if in the end you do so by disrespecting all we stand for.

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