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`It's not over yet': Andrew Little

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 21/06/2017
Andrew Little © Getty Andrew Little

National MP Todd Barclay's political career may be over but Labour leader Andrew Little says the scandal doesn't end there - and he's got Prime Minister Bill English in his sights.

Mr Barclay is standing down at the election, a victim of the secret recordings scandal that drew in Mr English and threatened to damage National's campaign for a fourth term.

"A whole host of questions still have to be dealt with," Mr Little told reporters on Wednesday.

"We now have a prime minister who knew everything that was going on and did nothing to stop Todd Barclay misleading people for 18 months."

It wasn't until Tuesday that Mr Barclay admitted misleading the media over his previous denials and claims that he had done nothing wrong.

Mr Little says the prime minister's inaction amounts to a failure of leadership.

"He had total, direct contact with the people involved, he knew everything that was going on," Mr Little said.

"This was a cover up by the National Party, they were doing everything they could to conceal it from the public."

Mr Little said a true leader would have stepped in.

"When he knew Todd Barclay was saying things that were clearly wrong, that's when he should have intervened."

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