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Jacko survives ordeal down hole

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 8/04/2017

A Jack Russell dog stuck down a hole in New Zealand has emerged just as rescue efforts were gearing up.

Jacko fell into the hole near Inangahua, about 50km from Westport, about 9am on Thursday and his owners had been digging away ever since to get him out.

Co-owner Willow Leigh believes the hole and crevice it was connected to were created by the Kaikoura earthquake.

She posted video in which Jacko could be heard barking from a spot underground. She and partner Shane Sitruc hired a small digger on the second day they worked to get Jacko out.

The owners posted calls for help on social media and were gearing up for a big effort on Saturday.

Ms Leigh posted on Facebook on Saturday that Jacko "came out this morning somehow" and was hungry, thirsty and dirty but uninjured.

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