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Jeb Is Doing So Poorly That He Lowered Expectations and Can Rebound

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 3/11/2015 Lincoln Mitchell

For much of the early months of the presidential campaign, it was almost impossible to discuss politics with a group of more than three Democrats before somebody intimated their "theory" that Hillary Clinton would drop out due to some scandal, poor poll numbers or other mishap to give way to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or, for the particularly adventuresome armchair pundits, a brokered convention. Those theories have now been relegated firmly to the realm of fantasy, but while many Democrats were chattering about that bizarre, and for some, tantalizing, possibility, something even stranger happened. The candidacy of the Republican frontrunner, a seasoned politician from his party's most famous and powerful political family, slowed, stalled and is in a free fall. Mr. Bush, who is now fifth in the polls and twenty points behind the leading candidate, has proven an uninspired campaigner and lackluster debater. Moreover, the unexpected rise of Ben Carson and Donald Trump has left little room for a consummate establishment Republican figure like Jeb Bush.

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