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John Cleese blasts EU and backs Brexit

Press AssociationPress Association 12/06/2016

John Cleese has signalled he will vote for Britain to leave the EU - and suggested killing European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to help reform the bloc.

The outspoken comedian accused Junker of "threatening" Britain and branded David Cameron's attempts at reform a failure as he plumped for an out vote on June 23.

Cleese said Britain had been "swimming against the tide" in its bid to bring about change in Brussels, where bureaucrats had taken away "any trace of democratic accountability".

The prominent Liberal Democrat supporter said it was a "sad" situation and appeared to address his message to party grandee Lord (Paddy) Ashdown, who is campaigning for Remain.

"If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I'd vote to stay in. But there isn't. Sad. Sorry, Paddy," he tweeted on Saturday.

Among the EU reforms suggested by the Monty Python star were "give up the Euro, introduce accountability, and hang Jean-Claude Juncker".

Cleese dismissed warnings by Remain campaigners that Britain's ability to trade would be damaged by a divorce from the EU, saying the country had done so for "millennia".

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