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JonBenet Ramsey family friend supports sensational theory claiming brother killed beauty queen and parents covered it up

Mirror logo Mirror 26/09/2016 Zoe Shenton

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A Ramsey family friend has said she strongly believes JonBenet's brother Burke was to blame for the child beauty queen's death.

JonBenet was just six-years-old when she was found dead in the basement of her family home in Boulder, Colorado.

Police still have no idea who killed her, and no charges have ever been filed, but a recent documentary sensationally claimed the evidence points to her brother - something Burke has strongly denied.

Experts in the CBS documentary claimed that the now 29-year-old accidentally killed his sister during a row over a piece of pineapple and his parents played a part in helping covering it up.

Investigators claimed he lost his temper and struck his little sister with a golf club a year before her death - leaving her with a scar - and they feel something similar may have happened on the night of her death after she went downstairs to eat some of the pineapple left for him after going to bed.

Judith Phillips, a Ramsey family friend of more than ten years has also spoken out, saying Burke could have been jealous of his younger sibling.

Judith, 64, who was a neighbour of the Ramseys, said: “When Burke was born he was the absolute apple of Patsy’s eye. Then along came this little girl who stole all the attention. He could well have been very jealous.”

JonBenet Ramsey © Rex Images JonBenet Ramsey She added to The Sun: “To me it seemed odd they would give a big television interview but not work with police.”

“I agree with the theory Burke killed JonBenet but I don’t think he meant to do it. I think Patsy did everything in her power to protect her living child. I think she wrote the ransom note whilst John staged the scene in the basement.

"After calling the police Patsy began inviting friends over to the house and in the commotion John went missing for an hour and half. It is my opinion he was disposing of evidence.”

However, Burke's lawyers are now in the process of suing the US channel over its claims, and Burke has pledged to take a lie detector test to clear his name once and for all.

The Ramsey family lawyer L. Lin Wood said: "CBS' false and unprofessional attacks on this young man are disgusting and revolting."

JonBenet was reported missing the day after Christmas in 1996 by her frantic mother, who had found a ransom note on the stairs of their home demanding $118,000 for the safe return of their little girl.

Her body was ultimately found by her father John covered with a blanket and with a cord twisted around her neck. Her wrists had been bound and she had duct tape over her mouth.

During his first ever interview on American TV, Burke denied any involvement with the murder and revealed who he thought the killer was.

“I kinda always just thought it was a paedophile, who saw her at one of the pageants, snuck in, who knows?” Burke told Dr Phil.

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