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Jordan Deserves the World's Support

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Marwan Alshammari
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Jordan has been fully engaged in the war against terrorism, even long before the world has started a true move against it. The Jordanians have long warned about the unbearable consequences of not taking a proactive approach in the fight against terrorism as a concept, belief, entities, origins, tools...etc.
The country was ahead of many other neighboring countries in the true and comprehensive efforts against terrorism, its antecedents, mechanisms, and consequences.
King Abdullah II has been prophetic in his unique vision ever since he took the office in 2009. The king has then started what is known in Jordan as "True war against terrorism," dedicating hard core resources for the intelligence agencies in Jordan, delegating them unprecedented authorities to eliminate all sorts of terrorist factions, and more importantly has given them, as well as many other concerned Jordanian governmental and non-governmental organizations, all the support they may need in their efforts towards a civilized nation, clean of terrorism-influenced groups and individuals.
The country has since captured, prevented, contributed, and eliminated many terrorists and terrorist attacks on the Jordanian lands and overseas.
Nevertheless, ever since the Syrian conflict started, Syrian refugees who constantly flee the unprecedented tragic situation, have then begun to seek refuge in the neighboring countries. Jordan, has let in more than million and three hundred thousand Syrians since.
Taking into account the very limited resources and infrastructure that the country has, one cannot imagine how Jordan has been able to manage, thanks for the people of Jordan who have generously contributed the most for the sake of the greatest good of the nation.
However, there has been an economic hardship that the country has been experiencing due to the lack of resources, continued pressure on the nation's limited infrastructure, and the pressure from the nationalist activists who are asking for closing down the borders with Syria and Iraq, in which the situations have worsened the economic hardship that the country has ended up dealing with, mostly alone.
Such situations should concern the international community for many reasons. One major reason is that if Jordan is to witness any sort of instability or economic shock God forbid, the ramifications of such shock can far exceed the Jordanian borders as the country will then turn its attention internally, prioritize things according to the nation's best interests, and may as well withdraw some of the in-use resources against terrorism to boost the national economy.
Another crucial event that could soon take place, and is excusable should it happen is that the country decides to shut down the borders with Syria, which would extremely increase the suffering of Syrians who feel safe the closer they get to the Jordanian borders, and also would increase the number of Syrians who head to Europe, the issue that has been a major concern for the European governments.
Lastly, the country may rethink its overall strategy in its international alliances and political relationships with the major players at the international level, the Saudi government has been observant in this regard, however, the western countries may need to worry as the Russian intervention in the region has been growing, Russia is trying to get even closer to Jordan, an effort that has been unsuccessful so far, at least from the people's perspective.
Jordan has been a very committed alliance for the Western countries, the Jordanian foreign policy has been one of the most moderate and consistent policies that the west would wish for, yet they have not shown a well-deserved true support for a country whose visions have been proven right at many levels.
I have mentioned only few reasons why the world should step up and stand by the Jordanian people. I believe that the world leaders are well aware of the unwanted consequences if Jordan were to reconsider its strategies and course of actions. The world must understand that the King cannot put away his people's interests just to satisfy the international community's demands, unless there is a true and sincere intentions in helping Jordan taking greater role in fighting against terrorism, and in the meantime dealing with the consequences of a war that Jordan did not start and yet has been dealing with its consequences.
The Jordanian people have been questioning their government's course of actions towards the Syrian crisis. The demand is for answers as to why Jordan and its people have to singularly deal with the consequences of a proxy world. This puts even more pressure on the decision makers at the higher levels of authority, pushing them towards a more conservative strategy with the Syrian refugees. This is a true scene that is happening in Jordan, and I believe that the world does need to rethink their strategy towards Jordan, especially with the limited chances for the Syrian conflict to end soon.
There is a true opportunity for the world to accompany their sayings with true actions with regard to providing Jordan with true support, and help the Jordanian people overcoming the rising challenges at the economic and social levels. With that hope, the hope for the Syrian crisis to end soon although true and sincere, does not appear to be realistic so far as more complications seem to exist along the road.

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