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Kevin Hague bows out of parliament

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 20/09/2016

© Getty Senior Green Party MP Kevin Hague has made a graceful exit from parliament after eight years.

He's left to become chief executive of Forest and Bird, and delivered his valedictory speech on Tuesday.

Mr Hague has held several portfolios during his time in parliament, including health and conservation.

He had a message for his colleagues from all parties before he left the debating chamber for the last time.

"It seems essential to me that governments should seek to ensure every person has the basics to enable them to have a decent life.

"Enough good food, clean air and water, warmth and shelter, the means to good health and education, and a decent income.

"In this country a growing number, far too many, do not have these basics and, worse, access to them is unfairly distributed.

"The economy is not some force of nature, it is a collection of tools that we can use to meet these social goals.

"It seems far too often people are sacrificed in the interests of the economy, and that is fundamentally the wrong way around."

Mr Hague will be replaced by Aucklander Barry Coates, the next on the Greens' candidate list.

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