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Kickstarter introduces the Prototype Gallery for creators

Engadget Engadget 19/08/2016 Brittany Vincent

Kickstarter will soon allow creators with projects seeking funding to add photos and videos of their creations in a Prototype Gallery on their project page.

The galleries will offer a way for creators to give more back story and context to their projects without having to post images directly to their project page. The pages can get clogged up as it is with updates and upfront information about the prospective product, and a self-contained gallery will group all of the images of the item in question from concept to completion.

The galleries are still being worked on at this time, but it's being rolled out soon during an upcoming test period. After the test period ends, the Prototype Gallery will be available to any creators who launch projects within the Design, Technology and Gaming Hardware sections.

Additional information can be found within Kickstarter's FAQ, but this is great news for anyone looking to launch a relevant Kickstarter soon, as prospective backers knowing more about what their money is going to fund can only be a good thing.


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