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Kids, animals rescued from locked cars

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 25/01/2017
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More than 150 children or pets have been locked inside vehicles since the start of December, according to AA data.

It says it can be dangerous, with temperatures inside a car able to reach over 40 degrees in a few minutes.

"There are still parents who think rolling down their windows a crack is ok, but it's not. A sliver of air doesn't provide enough ventilation to combat soaring temperatures," AA Roadservice national manager John Healy said.

Any calls involving children or pets locked inside a vehicle are prioritised by the AA. It notifies the Fire Service if the situation is deemed to be serious enough.

It was more likely for someone to accidentally lock their keys in the car, he said, with some owners caught out by new vehicle features.

"A lot of vehicles have automatic deadlocking which makes it easier to get caught out and harder to get into," he said.

The AA has attended nearly 100 lockout jobs each day since December 1 and since January last year, 1477 calls involved a child or an animal being locked inside a car.

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