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Kiwis lead dramatic Nepal plane rescue

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 29/05/2017

Three Kiwis have reportedly played a leading role in a dramatic rescue near Mount Everest after a cargo plane crashed while landing at one of the world's most dangerous airports.

The plane, carrying three crew members, crashed in foggy weather at Tenzing-Hilary Airport in Lukla, Nepal on Saturday (local time) where photos show the wreckage dangling precariously on a cliff.

This is when Kiwis Andrew Roy, Andrew Gutsell and Alyssa Lowe from paramedic group Air Dynasty leapt in to help out, according to NZME.

Mr Roy, 24, helped cut open the plane's cockpit and pulled the pilots out, while Mr Gutsell jumped in to attempt to shut the engines off.

Despite the rescue efforts, the plane's pilot likely died on impact, while the co-pilot died while being treated.

"The plane was a complete wreck but after making sure it was safe and secure I was able to find my way to and assess both pilots," Mr Roy said.

"One pilot was dead, most likely on impact, but I was able to reach the co-pilot from the underside of the plane."

"He was alive, though trapped and unconscious. I found a small opening and was able to cut through obstructing metal to free the co-pilot."

The flight's hostess was flown to Kathmandu the next morning.

Air Dynasty nurse Ms Lowe praised her colleagues on Facebook.

"Mero Babu Andrew Roy, leading the rescue like a boss and getting the passengers out quickly and safely and Mero Dai captain Andrew Gutsell who gave me palpations jumping in the plane in attempt to shut down the engine," she wrote.

She told NZME she had no idea how Roy got the pilots out of the wreckage.

"The plane was on the side of a cliff, reeked of jet fuel, and the army were hitting it with axes, causing the wreckage to spark," she said.

"I thought it was going to blow. His professionalism and courage were next to none".

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