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Land use must be investigated: Greens

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 19/08/2016

The Greens say land use is a factor in water contamination and the government inquiry into the Havelock North crisis must consider it.

The party's water spokeswoman, Catherine Delahunty, says E.coli and camphylobacter bacteria have been reported in other parts of the country in recent years, including Patea, Hanmer Springs and Christchurch.

"The type of land use in a community, for example agriculture, industrial or urban, affects the cleanliness of water in underground aquifers and bores," she said on Friday.

"At present, 15 per cent of New Zealanders get their drinking water from bores and other unregistered supplies, so saying that we could just chlorinate every registered supply will not protect those dependent on bores."

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