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Landlords welcome new meth standard

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 29/06/2017

The organisation representing the country's landlords has welcomed the new methamphetamine contamination standard, saying it means less pressure to increase rents and more homes for tenants.

The government announced the new standard on Thursday.

It sets a significantly higher threshold than the previous guidelines, which led to months of confusion and what are now considered to have been needless evictions.

The NZ Property Investors' Federation says the new standard of 1.5 microgrammes per 100sq cm is still conservative and protects people from any ill effects.

"Fewer rental properties will become unavailable due to the presence of a low level of meth contamination," said the federation's executive officer Andrew King.

"In addition, the pressure to increase rental prices due to the financial cost of meth testing and decontamination will be reduced."

Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith says the new standard is "a huge step forward" that will save millions in unnecessary decontamination work.

"The new standard results from a better understanding of the health risks," he said.

It will be legally enforceable when legislation is passed by parliament later this year.

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