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Latest 'Division' exploit delivers unlimited damage

Engadget Engadget 20/04/2016 Andrew Dalton
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Just days after The Division community was warned they could be banned from the game for exploiting shoddy code comes one doozy of an exploit for Ubisoft's hit game. Due to a bug in the "Competent" talent, players can build up a short burst of obscenely high damage in the 1,000,000-plus DPS range.

If you're currently wandering around the Dark Zone worried about getting blasted by an exploiter armed with a one-shot kill, there is one consolation: The exploit is fairly time consuming. To amass that sort of firepower, a player needs to first equip the talent and then switch back and forth between weapons for a solid five minutes or more. Player "Simplified" shows how it's done on YouTube:After last week's patch put a halt to speedruns that could potentially throw off the game's balance, there's hope Ubisoft will make a quick fix here as well. Until then, those ban-happy community managers will likely be on the lookout for players crouching behind cars and rapidly swapping between their weapons for ten minutes.

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