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Laughed when trying to kill me: victim

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 6/03/2017 Ben Leahy

A young woman has told a court how two female attackers "laughed" and "snickered" after a man attempted to kill her by breaking her neck.

"We are going to end her like this, we are going to f***g kill her," the woman heard them say.

Nicola Jones and Julie-Ann Torrance are accused of attempting to murder the now 20-year-old victim, who was found dumped and critically hurt in the Dome Valley, north of Auckland in May, 2016.

Wayne Blackett has pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

The three, along with Michelle Blom, also face a series of charges between them, including kidnapping, sexual violation, cutting the victim's hair and assaulting her during a prolonged attack in Auckland.

Jaclyn Keates has pleaded guilty to related charges.

Prosecutors say it is "nothing short of a miracle" the woman, who cannot be named, was found alive after being bashed with a hammer and left for dead by a road.

On Monday, she told the High Court at Auckland, after Blackett attempted to kill her and the women laughed, she was hit hard from behind, waking in hospital one-week later, partially paralysed and needing to learn to walk and talk again.

She said the attack had started around 24 hours before the final blow when Jones spotted her in central Auckland and forced her into a car with Blom, Keates and Torrance where she was repeatedly punched.

Jones was angry because she believed the woman had attempted to get child protection authorities to take away her children, while Torrance thought she had stolen two hair straighteners and her dead daughter's ring, the woman said.

During the journey, the car stopped and she was forced into the boot.

Believing she was going to be killed, the woman rubbed blood from her bleeding nose around the boot so police would have DNA evidence of her abduction.

She said she was then dragged into a basement at Blom's house where the four women attacked her.

Keates stomped on her fingers, breaking two, before she was stripped naked and beaten with a cricket bat and wicket, the woman said.

One of the women shoved the cricket wicket into her anus "far enough for it to really hurt" before forcing her to eat her own faeces.

Following the assaults, she was kept naked with her arms and legs zip-tied together for up to 20 hours as she heard Blom's children and other move around upstairs.

Eventually she heard Blacket arrive and the women tell him they did not want to get caught for their attack on her.

"Don't worry, we will do it properly so youse won't get caught, they won't even find the body," she said she heard Blackett say.

Blackett, Jones and Torrance then drove her to Dome Valley where they attempted to kill her, the woman said.

The trial continues.

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