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Lecretia Seales would be 'over the moon'

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 8/06/2017

Matt Vickers, whose wife Lecretia Seales died fighting for the right to end her life, says she would be very happy to know parliament was going to debate a voluntary euthanasia bill.

"She would be over the moon that this has finally got to the point where it's coming before the House," he told reporters.

"When Lecretia took her case in 2015 she was hoping to galvanise political action."

Mr Vickers said he wanted to encourage all MPs to review Lecretia's case.

"Hopefully they won't give in to fear-mongering," he said.

"I hope it doesn't become an emotional debate, and that people can look at it rationally."

Ms Seales was suffering from terminal brain cancer when she launched her legal bid to be helped to die.

She died in June 2015, on the same day the High Court rejected her bid and said it was up to Parliament to decide whether to change the law.

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