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Louboutin's Range Of Nude Shoes Just Got Even Bigger And More Inclusive

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 30/03/2016 Jamie Feldman

One nude doesn't fit all, and no one knows that better than Christian Louboutin.

After debuting his first nude collection in 2013, which featured five shades of nude shoes to accommodate a range of skin tones, the iconic shoe designer has now expanded the collection to seven. Now included in the range are Nude #1, which a release describes as "porcelain," and Nude #7, which it describes as "deep chocolate."

The shoes are notable not just for their broader range of shade inclusivity, but for their new design. Last year's line featured nude heeled styles (which are now available in the new shades) that cost upwards of $675, but this year consumers have the additional option of a flat called the "Solasofia" shoe, which retails at a steep $595. 

Of course, it's difficult to talk about inclusivity in regards to $600 shoes. And the fact that it has taken this long for even luxury brands to create accommodating apparel is discouraging. But either way, it's notable that such a celebrated designer like Louboutin is pushing the conversation forward -- and hopefully encouraging others to follow suit, too. 

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