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Maggie Barry Dinner Club gifts revealed

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 11/05/2017

If the Maggie Barry Dinner Club wasn't the official name for the Arts Minister's get-togethers with supporters before, it probably is now.

That's how National Party colleague Amy Adams declared a gift of a handbag from the club in the government's register of MP interests, released this week.

Ms Barry revealed on Thursday that she likes to host events, featuring various speakers, for her supporters.

"We typically, in that generous North Shore tradition, do like to give gifts to all of our speakers and I'm very fortunate to have as one of my supporters somebody who has Timaru Light Leathers and connections with Deadly Ponies," she said.

"We often give the ladies a handbag or a satchel for some of the others who come as speakers to my dinner club."

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett revealed she prefers to host breakfast clubs.

"I do dinner. My lot don't like getting up early," Ms Barry quipped.

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