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Man with pipe looked threatening: witness

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 9/03/2017

A man brandishing a pipe answered the door to a Rotorua house, when a man who was looking for a relative's missing daughter came knocking, a court has been told.

"He looked like he was going to have a go," the witness told a Rotorua District Court jury on Thursday.

The witness stayed in the car when his friend, the father of the girl, went to the house.

He got out when he heard swearing, and saw a "baldy" man with what he thought was a pipe, holding it in a threatening way at his friend.

He says the situation was becoming dangerous so he attempted to calm it down.

"A guy in a wheelchair was there, he was telling us to f*** off, that the property was gang affiliated and things could happen."

When he told the wheelchair-bound man he was looking for his niece the response was there was no one by that name at the house.

A car came up the driveway, the "baldy" guy went to it and it looked as if he grabbed something from under the seat.

"He started talking like a gang member, I began to worry."

He said he realised the man looked like a picture he had seen of the defendant and told him the girl they were looking for was only 15, but the "baldy" man claimed she was 21 and had left home because her parents were beating her.

"I said was 15, and things started hotting up."

The witness persuaded his relative and others in their group to leave and call the police, concerned things were getting out of hand.

When questioned by defence lawyer, Bill Nabney, he agreed what he thought was a pipe could have been a torch because he'd only seen it "three seconds, tops".

Detective Mahara Alcock recalled driving the girl from near Te Kaha days later, and she appeared tired and hungry, dirty, unkempt and her bare feet were muddy.

She was crying and from the dry area around her mouth the detective took it she hadn't had a drink for some time.

"I told her she was safe now," Detective Alcock said.

To Mr Nabney, she said the girl told her she hadn't eaten for two days and her last meal was a pie.

A 38-year-old man is facing one count of abduction, seven burglary charges, and three of a sexual connection at Maraetai, Taupo and Rotorua,

His name is suppressed, until at least the end of the trial.

The man's alleged offending sparked a manhunt across the eastern and central North Island ending near Te Kaha on August 6, 2015.

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