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Men Hit The Streets In Their Underwear To Show What A Pants-Free World Looks Like

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 7/03/2016 James Cave

It's easy to overlook the humble article of men's underwear because, out of all the clothes you can wear, this layer is the most invisible, purely functional item of them all.

And if you're like 3 percent of the guys who took our survey recently, you don't wear any underwear at all. 

That's a problem, because when you wear the right underwear for the right occasion, you have all the support and comfort you need. Plus you'll know it looks good, even if you're the only one who sees it -- but in this case, everyone is seeing it.

Here, we took guys out of their comfort zone in two ways -- most of them tried on a different type of underwear than they normally wear, and all of them wore it in public. You never know where the day might take you -- or who will end up seeing yours.

Would a pantsless world really be all that bad? Find out what happened when these braves souls took to the streets in their undies and got real about their skivvy preferences.

Model: Noah 

Occupation: Editorial Director

Preferred underwear: "I wear simple black Calvin Klein briefs now and they're pretty much perfect.

"I used to have a lot of different kinds of underwear -- boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, all kinds of patterns and colors -- but as I got older, I just wanted something with nice lines and not a lot of extra nonsense or frills."

Here, Noah wears boxer shorts from Old Navy ($9.94) and Baby Rib Briefs by American Apparel ($14).

Model: Michael 

Occupation: Actor

Preferred underwear: Boxer briefs

"It wasn't until adulthood that I started to pay attention to my underwear. It really wasn't until I realized brands started targeted me specifically for the fashion of underwear that I really paid attention. I wear boxer briefs for comfort. Regular briefs are too constricting and regular boxers don't support enough. The most important thing for me is comfort and quality."

Here, Michael wears H&M boxers (one of a 3-pack: $17.99, H&M).

Model: James 

Occupation: Style Editor

Preferred underwear: Synthetic boxer briefs

"I go by comfort, because sometimes underwear feels too crowded in your pants. Anything that's thinner, that I can wear to the gym and won't take up too much space in my bag."

Here, James wears Air Boxer Briefs by Tommy John ($48).

Model: Tyler 

Occupation: Senior Editor/Reporter

Preferred underwear: H&M boxer briefs or Calvin Klein boxer briefs

"At this point in my life, I've found a couple stores whose underwear fits me best, and luckily H&M is one of them because they're so cheap! I prefer boxer briefs because I want things held in place, so to speak, but still want some coverage onto my legs a little bit. I usually wear darker colors too, like black, dark gray or navy blue. On the one hand I care about how it looks should I disrobe in front of someone I'm dating, but also in locker rooms it feels awkward in front of other dudes and feeling like my underwear is the loudest piece of clothing in the room. More than anything, underwear is about comfort though, mainly during the day when I'm fully dressed and in public."

Here, Tyler wears Intense Power Cotton Hip Briefs by Calvin Klein ($26) and the Jersey Union Suit long johns by J.Crew (unavailable).

Model: Adam

Occupation: Designer

Preferred underwear: "Depending on the weather, sometimes long pants-underwear, sometimes little shorts that you are supposed to wear under your regular shorts.

"When I think of underwear, I think of my favorite poem about underwear. It's called 'Around The World in Underwear:' I see Paris/I see France/And also, I can see your underpants."

Here, Adam wears H&M boxers (one of a 3-pack: $17.99, H&M).

Model: Ethan 

Occupation: Editorial Partnerships Manager

Preferred underwear: "I rock a bunch of Joe Boxer boxer briefs.

"I only really think about my underwear when I know I'm gonna be seen in them. I wear boxer briefs because I find they keep you cooler than boxers (which I find to be counterintuitive) and some support is always appreciated. Briefs are too skimpy and boxers are just too loose."

Here, Ethan wears an Essential No-Show Trunk by 2(x)ist ($38 for three).

Model: Sebastian

Occupation: Reporter

Preferred underwear: Boxers

"Generally I wear boxers for all the breathing room, but tiger print undies make me feel fierce as fuck."

Here, Sebastian wears Leopard Print Baby Rib Briefs by American Apparel ($16).

Ethan wears Nightly Pizza Boxer Briefs by Neff ($30.99).

Styled by James Cave.

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