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Meteor lights up night skies across NZ

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 24/02/2017

There have been a flurry of reports of a bright light flashing over the South Island and lower North Island.

On, a meteor report website, eyewitnesses described the "spectacular" bright light spotted just before midnight on Friday.

Reports were made from across the country, including Wellington, Stoke, Rangiora, West Coast, Lake Takapo, Rolleston, and Dunedin.

One watcher described seeing a "big bright fluoro green ball of light slightly smaller than moon dropped out of sky into hills near us, sky went green. As it went behind hills it flashed more green light turning clouds sky more green. Awesome sight [sic]".

Another saw "a dull red object fly across the sky from west to east. Appeared to make two wide turns as if following an elongated 'S' shaped path".

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