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Monday's Morning Email: China Reportedly Violates Hacking Agreement

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 19/10/2015 Lauren Weber

morning email © Provided by The Huffington Post morning email china obama xi jinping © Provided by The Huffington Post china obama xi jinping TOP STORIES CHINA STILL HACKING AWAY "Hackers associated with the Chinese government have tried to penetrate at least seven U.S. companies in the three weeks since Washington and Beijing agreed not to spy on each other for commercial reasons, according to a prominent U.S. security firm. CrowdStrike Inc said software it placed at five U.S. technology and two pharmaceutical companies had detected and rebuffed the attacks, which began on Sept. 26." [Reuters]

A WAY IN FOR BIDEN? Less than 10 percent of Obama/Biden mega bundlers have raised $100,000 for Clinton so far. [USA Today]
THE CRUSHING DEBT FROM PAYING CHILD SUPPORT IN PRISON "Of the 2.2 million people incarcerated in the United States, about half are parents, and at least 1 in 5 has a child support obligation. For most, the debt will keep piling up throughout their imprisonment: By law or by practice, child support agencies in much of the country consider incarceration a form of 'voluntary impoverishment.'” [WaPo]
VIOLENCE ON THE RISE IN JERUSALEM AND THE WEST BANK After a series of stabbings and shootings, many fear a third intifada. [Willa Frej, HuffPost]
WINTER IS COMING And the refugee crisis is about to get a lot worse. [NYT]
WILL PAUL RYAN CAVE? "House Republicans return to Washington this week to confront a nearly unprecedented leadership crisis, looming budget deadlines and a deeply uncertain future. Attention is focused on Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP's 2012 vice presidential nominee, who is under pressure from party leaders to run for House speaker -- a job he repeatedly has made clear he does not want." [AP]
HOW TO BUY YOUR 'STAR WARS' TICKETS May the force be with you. [The Verge]
THE ONLY THING THAT'S STAYED THE SAME IN THE 2016 RACE? "First to Last" takes a look back at our inaugural ranking of 2016 candidates in January. [Howard Fineman and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]
To get The Morning Email, HuffPost's daily roundup of the news, in your inbox, sign up here. And listen to the news in under two minutes here.WHAT’S BREWINGMEET THE DARBIS, A SYRIAN REFUGEE FAMILY IN THE U.S. "In many ways the Darbis feel like they’ve landed on planet Mars: The differences between the U.S. and the Middle East are so incomprehensibly large that Mohamed had trouble verbalizing the vastness." [HuffPost]
ADELE JUST PREVIEWED NEW MUSIC And it's as good as you knew it would be. [Refinery 29]
LAMAR ODOM MAKING HUGE STRIDES The former NBA star was able to speak and text after awaking from a four-day coma following his collapse at a Nevada brothel. [HuffPost]
BRADLEY COOPER JUST GOT HOTTER He's planning to team up with his female costars to make sure they're equally paid.[HuffPost]
AFTER THIS BRIDE'S WEDDING WAS CANCELED, SHE THREW A PARTY FOR THE HOMELESS Talk about turning around a bad situation. [E! Online]
WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR MORNING ROUTINE So it's not as rough as today's was. [HuffPost]
For more from The Huffington Post, download our app for iOS or Android.WHAT'S WORKINGCLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP "A recent study from Harvard University researchers found that a simple survey could help students foster better relationships with their teachers and subsequently achieve better grades in school." [HuffPost]
ON THE BLOGSAMANTHA POWER: OUR WORK FOR LGBT RIGHTS ISN'T DONE "And every day we take it as our privilege to make those rights more real for just a few more people -- if that's all that happens, that's still a good day. LGBT rights are human rights, human rights are LGBT rights, and human rights must be universal rights." [HuffPost]
~ Ryan Lizza profiles Jeb Bush as he turns to his brother's advisers.
~ If you haven't seen the SNL version of the Democratic debate, you're missing out.
~ ICYMI, the man behind Hillary Clinton's logo talks fonts for your resume.
~ How to cultivate a loyal audience off your hand-fart skills.
~ All the jack-o’-lantern ideas to jazz up your pumpkin game.
~ Want to be scared? Here's a bunch of two-sentence horror stories. You think they can't be that frightening, and then you have nightmares.
~ Lindsey Lohan wants to throw her hat in the 2020 ring as well.
~ How sperm banks pick their porn.
~ Check out the upgrades coming to Air Force One.
~ And this feature on the death of a man no one noticed was dead in New York City is worth your time.
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