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More councils tighten dangerous dog rules

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 3/05/2016

A spate of dog attacks has prompted the Far North District Council to join a growing number of local authorities in cracking down on dangerous dogs.

Owners in the district may have their dogs taken from them and could also be issued fines and be prosecuted if they fail to keep their animals under control.

District services general manager Dr Dean Myburgh says dangerous dogs are a nation-wide threat and if they're found unrestrained in public places, they will be seized.

"I know the majority of Far North dog owners are responsible," he said on Tuesday.

"They register their animals, take good care of them and ensure they do not pose a threat. It's unfortunate that a few irresponsible owners are spoiling it for the rest."

Auckland City Council granted an amnesty for unregistered dangerous dogs with owners allowed to register them for free until June 30, with the local authority also waiving a $300 fine.

It'll also waive the registration fee for 2016-17 and offers de-sexing, microchipping and muzzles for just $25.

Marlborough District Council has also been reviewing its dog control policy.

It comes after a series of incidents throughout the country including a pregnant woman being attacked by two dogs in Christchurch in April and a boy being bitten by his uncle's pitbull in South Auckland.

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