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Mother of Marceau's killer takes stand

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 21/06/2017
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The mother of a man who killed an Auckland teen while on bail says she was never asked if she could, and never promised to, supervise him.

But an inquest has been told she was in court three times when a judge was told he would be watched 24/7 by family.

Christie Marceau, 18, was stabbed to death in November, 2011 at her North Shore home, barely a month after Akshay Chand was released on bail to about 350 metres from the house.

This was despite him facing charges of kidnapping her and holding her at knifepoint, and the teen expressing fears for her own safety.

Chand, then 18, was found not guilty by reason of insanity of murdering the teen and detained as a special patient.

At a coroner's inquest into the death on Wednesday, Chand's, mother, Suchita Chand said she was never told her son would have to be supervised 24 hours a day during the bail process and was only told by Chand's lawyer, Mary-Anne Lowe, afterwards.

"Neither the court, nor the police provided me with any information about the bail conditions or what was expected of me," she said.

"Because of my work commitments there is no way that I could have done that and I would not have agreed to provide 24/7 supervision."

She told the inquest she would leave for work at about 6.30am in the mornings and return at 3pm but had taken about a week's leave after the bail decision to watch her son full time.

But under cross-examination, she said she had been in court when Ms Lowe - according to transcripts - told the court Ms Chand, her sister or her daughter could watch Chand 24/7 at three separate hearings.

But she said she could not recall Ms Lowe's comments or what she spoke to the lawyer about beforehand.

"Most of that time my sister was around in the mornings," she said.

"But I wasn't told I have to be there. We have to be there 24/7".

Chand's sister, Shayal Chanda - 17 and a high-school student at the time of Ms Marceau's death - told the inquest she had never been asked by anyone to look after her brother.

In a statement to police, she said she had become afraid of Chand after his arrest for the kidnapping - describing it as out of character - and terrified when he was granted bail.

Shayal Chanda said she had taken every chance she could to stay at friends' houses to get away from Chand during that period.

She woke to find Chand missing from his room the day of the killing, she said.

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