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Mt Everest's Hillary Step 'is no more'

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 21/05/2017

A near-vertical rock face posing the last real challenge for Mt Everest climbers, named for its first conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary, "is no more".

The Hillary Step was suspected to have been altered by an earthquake in 2015 but until snow cleared it could not be confirmed.

Last year Wanaka-based mountaineer Mike Roberts said there had been a considerable change to the Step.

But it wasn't until snow cleared in the last week that British climber Tim Mosedale could confirmed "It's official - the Hillary Step is no more".

The 12-metre step was the most technically difficult part of the Everest climb from the Nepal-side.

On one side climbers risked a more than 3000 metre fall, and on the other more than 2400 metres.

"Not sure what's going to happen when the snow ridge doesn't form because there's some huge blocks randomly perched hither and thither which will be quite tricky to negotiate," Mr Mosedale added in his Facebook post announcing the news.

The step was named after New Zealander Sir Ed after he and Tenzing Norgay became the first to peak the world's highest mountain in 1953.

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