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Mutants exist and are fighting lethal diseases

Engadget Engadget 13/04/2016 Daniel Cooper
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A study that analyzed the genetic data of almost 600,000 people has discovered that mutants are very real. But, rather than shooting lasers from their eyes or lifting cars, their power is to lead a healthy, normal life. The meta-study, conducted by a team led by Stephen Friend, found 13 individuals who should have either been dead or seriously ill. Despite this, they've been unaffected by disorders like Tay-Sachs and cystic fybrosis, thanks to some genetic mutation in their bodies that's been quietly fighting the condition.

Researchers believe that this unique facet in these people's genetic makeup could be the key to a cure. Unfortunately, it's not as if the scientists can phone up the 13 and get them in for more testing. That's because the study was a meta-study, which took anonymized data sets from a dozen previously-conducted experiment. The information was then crunched, big-data style, to look for abnormalities that could provide a signal for future research.

Since there's no way to tell the 13 about their gift, a new set of studies will have to be run in order to find more. We'd crack wise about how researchers need to invent Cerebro, the X-Men's mutant-sniffing computer -- but don't want to be glib at such an important breakthrough.


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