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National campaign to end intolerance

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 31/08/2016

Whether it's racial obscenity yelled from a car or a "casual racist" comment, New Zealand has always had a problem with racial intolerance, Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy says.

For the first time, a campaign is calling on people across the country to share their stories and their hopes tor the future to start meaningful conversations about diversity and put an end to racism.

Dame Susan says 400 complaints about racial intolerance are made each year, but the overwhelming majority go unreported.

She hopes the That's Us campaign, launched on Thursday, will help people realise when they've said something unfair or biased.

"Many people don't think racial intolerance or racism is a problem: often because they do not experience it themselves," she said.

"Our national identity isn't just about a flag. Our national identity is about who we are as people and how we treat each other on our streets, on our rugby fields, in our communities."

Victims, bystanders, defenders and abusers are invited to share their stories at

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