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Near miss at Auckland rail crossing

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 7/04/2017

A train driver had to apply the emergency brakes at Mount Eden station this morning after a woman crossed in front of the train.

The near miss happened when the woman stepped out at a crossing despite the warning bells and lights operating.

Auckland Transport rail services Manager Craig Inger says footage showed the woman looked right but not left, which is where the train was coming from.

Mr Inger says a number of other people crossed before the woman, even though the lights were on and the bells were sounding.

"The lights and bells mean don't cross," he said.

Mr Inger said electric trains are also much quieter than the old diesels and pedestrians need to pay attention near rail crossings.

Megan Drayton from TrackSafe says more than 100 people have died in New Zealand in the past 10 years on railway tracks, tunnels and bridges.

"Trains are extremely fast and quiet and they can't swerve to avoid a person or object on the tracks.

"The best the train driver can do is put on the emergency brakes and hope for the best," she said.

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