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Nepal Day Parade in New York

ICE Graveyard 20/04/2016 Rajan Thapaliya

Nepalese Diaspora in America, which gets heated every other week on different matters is focused this week on "Nepal Day Parade." On May 22, Sunday, Nepal Day Parade is being organized with an intent to promote the tourism and business industry that identifies with Nepal and its people. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer as a Chief Guest is scheduled to inaugurate this parade, which is being held at the Broadway in Manhattan.
Some say, parade must be conducted while others refuse to support us. We can never become respectable citizens if we miss this opportunity to take our nation's identity to the international stage. We have to stop playing dirty politics and start working for the welfare of our country. We do not need to be here in America if we want to play the dirty politics of Nepal. We have been here to learn and live a better life.
Nepalese staying in the area are requested to attend the function. It is expected that the event will remove all the doubts in the minds of people across the world about the state of affairs of Nepal after the earthquake of Baisakh 12. Chairman Thapa of organizing committee reiterated that their main aim was to conduct a special parade with co-operation from Nepalese across America.
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FIFNA Chairman, Luisang Waiba reiterated that although they had taken the leadership of conducting the parade, it would be conducted with co-operation of thousands of other Nepalese organizations exisiting throughout America.
In order to conduct this parade that is happening for the first time, Nepalese across USA are enthused. A decade ago, we contemplated upon organizing "Nepal Day Parade." We couldn't decide the date to hold an event in Manhattan then.
A multicultural and diverse city of New York holds parades of all different religious and cultural groups at different times. This is the first time Nepalese community is holding one of its own parade in this great city. New York Authorities have provided us permit of 3 hours for the event.
We have obtained a permit to conduct the parade across an area of 1 km(0.6 miles). This space is more than enough for us. Broadway which is crowded with pedestrians throughout the week will hold our event presenting Nepalese community to the international community at the mid-day from 12 am to 4 pm. Only we can make the event a success or a dismal failure. This is not a event just connecting an individual, party or a group but the entire nation.
We can't abandon those whom we had with us yesterday. We must bring divided opinions to a common table. Looking ahead, we shouldn't forget those left behind. They also want to walk with us. They also want to work for the good of the country. They are eager than ever to display their flag emblemed with sun and moon across Broadway, Manhattan.
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Journalist Prashan Alung Rai says "Are you ready to help us? We have continued our identity even in this country. Known for our honesty and hard work like "Sagarmatha." And, we are building in the process of establishing-"Little Nepal." We are divided into many castes and different regions but when the matter is about national integrity, we must come together. Our unity is the greatest resource we have. Failure of "Nepal Day Parade" is the failure of Nepal and Nepalese people."
If we come together in this manner, we will be able to raise the nation's identity to a next level in the global arena. Our tarnished identity has a chance to come back. Those standing in front of the parade must stand up for high values and lofty thoughts.
U.S. based Journalist Kiran Babu Marahatta says "We can't afford to remain disintegrated and disunited anymore. We can't afford to weaken the socio-cultural bond that unites us. Organizers have told us that the event shall include various cultural programs representing Nepali folk culture, display of tools that promote tourism in Nepal and other promotional items that help expansion of Nepalese business across the world."
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We must be ready to stand up against the challenges of the moment. Besides, we must be united amongst ourselves at any cost.
We must reiterate with all the music in us that earthquake hasn't made us ugly, our mountains are still standing strong. We need to show to the world that Buddha still resounds in our hearts, that we are of different caste, creed and religion but united at heart. That Himal, Terai and Pahad exists in us. Only, then can we become one as Nepal and Nepalese.

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