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New Zealand courts India the giant

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 23/10/2016


* Population of 1.25 billion and lass mass about 12 times that of New Zealand

* World's third-largest economy, after China and the United States

* By 2022, it will have the world's largest population and its middle class is growing

* Most business-friendly government in a generation, led by Narendra Modi, elected in 2014

* India is New Zealand's 10th largest trading partner, but the trade is only one 10th of that of China

* In the last financial year we exported $656m to India, mainly wood, wool, fruit, iron and steel

* it puts an average 33.5 per cent tariff on dairy products

* However, since 2011 services trade has more than doubled to $1.23b, with our export service accounting for about $1b of that

* More than 100 New Zealand companies operate in India

* About 170,000 Indians make up four per cent of New Zealand's population, and eight per cent of Auckland's.

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