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New Zealand's security challenges

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 8/06/2016


* NZ's relative geographic distance from other countries no longer offers the protection it once did

* While NZ doesn't face any direct military threats in the foreseeable future, it does have to be able to manage a range of other security challenges


* NZ has a large maritime domain, including its exclusive economic zone and a wider search and rescue area of responsibility extending from Antarctica to the equator

* Global pressure on fisheries will make the EEZ a more attractive area for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in the future

* There are indications people smugglers are targeting NZ

* Activity in the maritime domain is increasing, which means a greater likelihood of incidents the defence force may be called upon to respond to, including search and rescues


* NZ has a strong interest in the preservation of the natural environment and stability in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

* NZ maintains a right of sovereignty in the Ross Dependency. It also has a permanent presence in Antarctica at Scott Base

* The number of other national camps and stations in Antarctica is increasing - while scientific research is a key focus for most countries, the motivations of others may be less clear


* Natural disasters are likely to increase in frequency and intensity, in New Zealand and the South Pacific

* The defence force responded after the Christchurch earthquakes and following recent tropical cyclones in the South Pacific


* Geographic distance is irrelevant when it comes to threats associated with terrorism and cyberspace

* The threat of a terrorist attack remains low, but it has increased since 2010

* The amount of data stored digitally is rising rapidly in both the civilian and military context, meaning the threat posed by cyber attacks is growing in importance.

Source: Defence White Paper 2016

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