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Next Blue Origin rocket carries two microgravity experiments

Engadget Engadget 2/04/2016 Richard Lawler
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We only just found out that Jeff Bezos & Co. are planning another round trip rocket flight for tomorrow, and now they've announced something extra. This time around the New Shepard vehicle will be carrying two microgravity experiments. Being able to conduct science not possible on Earth is part of Blue Origin's pitch for its rockets, and each setup takes advantage of the flight in different ways.

One is the Southwest Research Institute's (SwRI) Box of Rocks Experiment (BORE) that's supposed to investigate what happens to rocky soil on small asteroids. Meanwhile the Collisions Into Dust Experiment (COLLIDE) was built by University of Central Florida students and will record video of a marble hitting a bed of dust while in low gravity, to see how the particles move.

Nanoracks, which has worked on a number of experiments with NASA, has apparently worked on Blue Origin's payload integration, creating a setup to execute and observe experiments while the ship is in low-gravity. Of course, if something does go wrong that could result in a loss of the experiments and data, but as SwRI knows, that's a risk you take.

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