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No inquiry but recommendations on mesh

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 3/06/2016

A parliamentary committee is calling for a registry of the use of surgical mesh but has stopped short of backing an inquiry.

The health select committee has released a report in response to a petition from Carmel Berry and Charlotte Korte, who have both experienced complications from surgical mesh, and others.

The report makes recommendations to improve things for patients needing repairs of pelvic organ prolapses and stress urinary incontinence and repairs of hernias.

"Establishing a mesh implant registry would allow more detailed information to be collected about complications from mesh surgery," the report says.

Mesh complication symptoms include chronic pain, erosion of mesh, extrusion of mesh through tissue and organs, pain with intercourse, nerve damage, infection, neuro-muscular problems, and auto-immune diseases.

The committee says the petitioners called for an inquiry.

"However, we believe that, at this time, the recommendations in this report would address the petitioners' concerns".


* The government to work with medical colleges to investigate options for a centralised surgical mesh registry.

* Medical colleges review best practice around informed consent for mesh procedures.

* Coding for mesh surgery is consistent and include a system to allow patients with mesh complications to be identified and monitored.

* The adverse events reporting system be applicable to medical devices.

* Ongoing education for surgeons on the use of surgical mesh and mesh removal surgery.

* Consideration of expanding Medsafe's role over time to assess the quality and safety of medical devices.

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