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NRL star 'living double life' allegedly paid ex to have an abortion

Mamamia logo Mamamia 5/03/2017 Zara McDonald
The former girlfriend of NRL Penrith Panthers star Bryce Cartwright was allegedly paid $50,000 to have an abortion. © Brendon Thorne/Getty Images The former girlfriend of NRL Penrith Panthers star Bryce Cartwright was allegedly paid $50,000 to have an abortion.

The former girlfriend of NRL Penrith Panthers star Bryce Cartwright was allegedly paid $50,000 to have an abortion when she fell pregnant in August last year, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Seeking to be known only as “Miss X” by the paper, the former girlfriend detailed how she felt “pressured” by both Cartwright and a rugby league “fixer” who was called in to help negotiate the abortion deal.

The 24-year-old told the paper she wants to tell her story to stop “this awful bullying” happening to others, after the duo broke up when she fell pregnant. They had begun dating a few months earlier in April.

Miss X names club intermediary Lou Zivanovic as the “fixer” who she claims pressured her into the deal to terminate the baby, and says she has since given the money to charity.

“I felt I had no other option than to get rid of the baby, the pressure was relentless,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I was bullied by Bryce and Lou. They showed no compassion towards the baby and me.”

She added that she believed it was about “rugby league more than anything else”.

“He said ‘look this is not a personal thing; I have known Bryce for 15 years’. I said, ‘You must be a family friend or an uncle’ and he said ‘No, this is really a business thing,’” she said.

The alleged contract in question obtained by News Corp reads:“(Miss X) and Bryce engaged in a ­relationship in August, 2016, which resulted in (Miss X) conceiving a child.”

“Bryce will deposit the settlement sum into (Miss X’s) solicitor’s trust account within 24 hours of execution of this deed by the parties,” it says. “Once (Miss X) has ­received the settlement sum she will terminate the pregnancy forthwith.”

The news comes just months after another ex-girlfriend of Cartwright made their relationship breakdown public, after she was arrested following a shocking online tirade in which she allegedly threatened his life.

Brittany Hura posted a naked photograph of Cartwright to Facebook in December, along with alleged screenshots of explicit text messages they’d exchanged and an expletive-laden video in which she said he would “be dead soon.” The couple had been together for six years before the relationship ended over claims he was involved with another woman.

The Daily Telegraph allege it was the story of Miss X's pregnancy that was the catalyst for Hura's online tirade against her former partner, with Miss X saying she had no idea her ex-boyfriend was "living this ­double life that his family and club were aware of, but his girlfriends had no idea about.”

According to the Brisbane Times, Cartwright has since moved on from both women, dating girlfriend Shanelle Peeti. The paper reported the couple got matching tattoos just a couple of months into their relationship - a clock with the time 8.21 and the date of November 12, 2016, believed to be when the pair got together.

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