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NSW Police join running man challenge

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 6/05/2016

Fans of the worldwide police running man challenge have offered officers in NSW an "A for effort" as they become the latest to rise to the occasion.

New Zealand Police Recruitment sent the internet into a frenzy with a video of their performance, before extending a challenge to colleagues around the world.

Rehearsals took longer than expected, but the NSW Police choreographed performance was revealed on Friday earning them compliments and cringes.

The version has won praise on social media for showing police can still have a sense of humour while on the job, but one commenter pointed out the irony that the state's officers were "not allowed to help a lady change a tyre on Anzac Day but can do a running man challenge".

After a mic drop style finale involving tactical batons, the officers extended the challenge to their colleagues in Victoria and Queensland, as well as the US California Highway Patrol and London's Metropolitan Police Service.

Police forces around the world have already jumped on board the craze.

The New York Police Department enlisted students from a Brooklyn school to dance alongside officers on the banks of the Hudson River, while bagpipes and kilts made an appearance in the Scottish version that ended in a traditional jig.

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