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NZ school fees to rise dramatically: study

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 19/01/2017

Kiwi parents can expect to pay almost 50 per cent more to privately educate their children than they did a decade ago, a new study has found.

Education fund provider ASG Planning for Education says parents of a child born in 2017 can expect to fork out an estimated $345,996 for 13-years of private schooling.

This is a jump of more than $100,000 on the estimated $233,678 cost to privately educate children born a decade ago.

Parents choosing a state-integrated schools for their children can also expect to pay 34 per cent or $109,354 more than 10 years ago, while state education will cost 15 per cent or $38,362 more.

""If you have three children, the cost of educating them in New Zealand's private education system could top more than $1 million," ASG chief executive John Velegrinis said.

"That's significantly more than the purchase price of the average family home."

Mr Velegrinis said education costs in New Zealand had risen at twice the rate of inflation over the past decade.

"This is quite significant because the underlying trend is that this gap between the costs of education and the CPI is continuing to expand over time," he said.

Perhaps, the only sweetener for Kiwi parents was that private and state schooling was still significantly cheaper than across the ditch in Australia, the study found.

Authors of the ASG Planning for Education Index based the cost estimates on information from almost 2000 responses that were independently verified, the fund provider said.

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