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Olivia Wilde Was Hammered While Filming 'Drinking Buddies,' Which Makes Sense

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 19/10/2015 Carly Ledbetter

When filming a movie called "Drinking Buddies," it's only fair that alcohol is involved. According to a new interview with actress Olivia Wilde, who starred in the 2013 indie flick, the actors actually drank real alcohol during filming. Because of costs, of course. 

"We were hammered the entire movie because it was real beer, because beer on that set was cheaper than water," said Wilde in an interview with People

Apparently, the use of a "real" prop took a little bit of getting used to for Wilde's co-star Anna Kendrick. 

"She's about this big and she sat down to do the first scene and took a huge gulp of beer, not realizing it was real, and was, like, instantly hammered." 

Kendrick has spoken before about getting buzzed while filming in  a 2013 interview. After realizing that she was, in fact, drinking a real beer halfway through the take, Kendrick also realized she was no longer sober. 

"And so as soon as the take was over, I had to announce to everybody that I was drunk at work," said Kendrick in an interview with Vulture. "I was horrified by the idea that I was going to be the next troublesome star who got drunk and started flipping over tables or whatever. I just tried to sit quietly until I sobered up." 

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