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'One-in-a-million' white lobster caught near 'magic' beach which reappeared after 33 years logo 10/05/2017 Amy Molloy

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A rare white lobster has been caught off the coast of Achill Island and given a new home in the local aquarium - shortly after a beach on the island reappeared after 33 years.

The 'one-in-a-million' albino crustacean was caught by local fisherman Charlie O'Malley.

Speaking to the Mayo News, he said: "I was hauling in a string of pots, and up came a white lobster, and I knew it was an unusual find because I have been fishing for the last 25 years. I’ve heard of them but never actually seen one of them before."

The white lobster is incredibly rare and live for up to fifty years © Provided by Irish Independent The white lobster is incredibly rare and live for up to fifty years The lobster has now been given a home in the local aquarium, the Achill Experience and has already become one of the main attractions.

Terence Dever of The Achill Experience said at first they were not aware of the significance of the find, but now they feel the lobster could become one of the island’s biggest attractions.

"This new guest will mesmerise and amaze many visitors to Achill, particularly children who are only developing their understanding of marine life. I have to say this will rocket our numbers to the aquarium and to Achill for this coming season and for many seasons to come," he said.

A beach in the village of Dooagh on Achill Island made international headlines in the last week when it reappeared after 33 years.

The beach disappeared in spring storms in 1984 after waves washed all the sand away.

A freak tide made it 'magically' reappear and tonnes of sand was dumped on the beach over a ten-day period in April, recreating 300m of golden beach. 

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