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Parents stressed over school uniforms

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 15/01/2017

As parents get ready to send their little ones back to school, a new survey has revealed almost nine out of 10 parents are worried about the cost of kitting out their kids.

School uniforms are the biggest worry for 88 per cent of parents who experience financial stress when buying appropriate clothes, while others want more flexibility in their schools' uniform policy.

One in five parents revealed they sacrificed basic necessities including food, electricity, clothing and personal hygiene in order to cater for the cost of sending their children back to school, a survey by researchers Pure Profile says.

"It is astonishing for parents that have difficulty keeping up with basic everyday costs to then have to shell out hundreds of dollars for something they don't have a choice in, which doesn't necessarily represent affordability or value for them," financial coach Shula Newland says.

Data found the average cost of a school uniform is $265, while parents ideally wanted to spend just $131.

Of the more than 500 parents surveyed 72 per cent said uniforms were too expensive while 53 per cent thought they were poor quality.

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